About Alpha Researcher
The ambition of Alpha Researcher is to highlight recent, hot and interesting topics. Stocks and the financial market will constitute the blog’s main focus, but topics such as gaming and politics are likely to also appear since they are not necessarily independent of each other.

Note that everything that is published on Alpha Researcher solely represents the author’s thoughts, opinions and estimations. The content, and any outcome of it, may very well be inaccurate and also differ from the reader’s opinions.

What is written on Alpha Researcher should absolutely not be seen as any investment advice nor any absolute truth. The author highly recommends own analysis, source criticism and independent thinking.

If any content on this website intrudes on anyone’s perceived reality, or hurts anyone’s feelings, it is highly recommended that the affected individual immidiately stops visiting Alpha Researcher.

The author receives no compensation for what is published on this website. If any conflict of interest exist it will be clearly stated, with bold font, in close proximity to the text.

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