Closed position

Alpha Researcher sells half of the position in Net Insight


Today Alpha Researcher has sold half of the (virtual) position in Net Insight (NETI-B.ST). The (virtual) transaction has been made to adjust our portfolio risk level and to create further room for other investments going forward. We still regard Net Insight’s new technogoly as interesting and half of the position thus remains in our Alpha Portfolio.

Half of our position in Net Insight is sold due to risk adjustments

In April 2015 we initiated our position in Net Insight at SEK 3.44. Since then alot has happened. For example the company has acquired ScheduALL, reported a disappointing Q3 top-line and revealed their new live OTT technology and signed its first deal. Alpha Researcher still regard their new technology as revolutionary with plenty of potential. However, we are also satisfied with the investment performance and have thus decided to adjust the risk level in our portfolio as well as create more room for other investments going forward.

We have thus sold half of our (virtual) position at a price per share of SEK 8.60. The sale will show in our portfolio update in January 2016. The other half remains in the portfolio.

Disclosure and disclaimer

The analyst has decided to sell parts of his/her investment in Net Insight. The transaction will take place later this day, but not earlier than at 13:00 (CET). This article was published at 12:00 (CET).

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